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Jennifer Dorian, Ph.D., Founder of the Brain Food Project & EASE

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The needs of students don't disappear when they get to school. The Brain Food Project™ and EASe™ (Empathy, Awareness, and Sensitivity for equity) are here to help. Improve retention, success, GPA, and equity at your institution. Contact us today!

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Dr. Jennifer Dorian and her Brain Food Project and EASE have received various awards supporting the development of holistic outreach and service within higher education and beyond. Equity, inclusivity, diversity, wellness, healing, progressive growth, and dreams turned into action into results represents some of the tenets of tangible equity, community change, and individual change. Jennifer is a full-time faculty member at Fresno City College where she has served the higher education community for ten years. Jennifer also practices various healing arts modalities including hypnotherapy, energy healing, and soul alignment from her practice in Fresno, CA, and worldwide.


The ​C​omeback ​C​ommunity™ presents the ​B​rain Food Project™ and EASe™, a professional development opportunity for higher education faculty, staff, student staff, and administrators. Become certified in Empathy, Awareness, and Sensitivity for equity training today. Through purposeful thought, word, and action, student lives can be uplifted for equity and parity in outcomes, which organically leads to lifelong success. Let's support comebacks in the lives of our students, today.


State Chancellor's Student Success Award

Stanback-Stroud Diversity Award, Academic Senate California Community Colleges

Georgia Southern University Golden Award

Northern California Writing Centers Association Spotlight Center Award


Hello, and thank you so much for your interest in the Brain Food Project™ and EASe™.

I developed the Brain Food Project™ and EASe™ in the fall of 2014 as a response to three major problems I observed in higher education: a) low attendance for supplemental instruction and tutoring sessions; b) food insecurity among college students; and c) feelings of disconnection and disenfranchisement. In an effort to meet various needs, uplift equity, and support comebacks in the lives of college students, I designed the Brain Food Project™ (BFP) and EASe™. The BFP is an implementation that provides nutritious and popular food items (and even school supplies) to students during learning assistance sessions. In short, attendance for tutoring is positively reinforced while students’ basic needs are met and community is formed. It’s a win-win situation.

However, providing food to students isn’t enough. The meeting of needs must be done so with authentic care and intentional recognition of personal dignity. To support the implementation of the BFP, I developed a training methodology called EASe (pronounced ease), which stands for Empathy, Awareness, and Sensitivity for equity. In combination, the BFP and EASe are designed to uplift equity in a non-traditional yet intuitive way. EASe may be implemented with the BFP or on its own. In fact, EASe is beneficial for every program within higher education and beyond. There has never been a better time to bring EASe to your campus. Through purposeful thought, word, and action, the lives of those around you can be uplifted for equity and success. Our research indicates the Brain Food Project and EASe are valuable implementations for increasing student attendance, outcomes, equity, and community.

If you would like to learn more about EASe or the Brain Food Project w/ EASe, please contact us. Our training and certification course can be catered to meet the specific needs of your program. We are also accepting two more pilot programs at this time. Please take a moment to review a sample of the training and certification course in the slideshow below. The book Empathy, Awareness, & Sensitivity for equity: Uplifting Student Lives is currently available for order. If your program is struggling with low attendance or you simply want to better understand how to support student equity, success, and need, we can help you, step-by-step. I know the BFP w/ EASe or EASe on its own can help your support students like it has done for so many others. Whether it is training and certification, keynote speaking, webinars, podcasts, small group professional development, data, justification for funding, or research assistance, we can help you achieve your vision. Let’s get started together, today. Please contact me at

Everyone deserves a comeback,


-Jennifer Dorian, PhD, Founder of The Comeback Community™, Brain Food Project™, & EASe™. Winner of the ASCCC Stanback Stroud Diversity Award and Georgia Southern University's Golden Award.

-Shushanek Silvas, PhD, Partner of The Comeback Community™, Brain Food Project™, & EASe™. Hayward Award Winner.


Please email Dr. Jennifer Dorian for training justifications, quotes, and sample materials regarding the Brain Food Project and EASe

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